Meeting the Needs of Communities: This Week in Daily Giving


Building communities that thrive are based on the ability to meet the basic needs of its people. Grantees around the world are making it happen one step at a time through daily seed grants offered through The Pollination Project. From providing hygiene products, bathroom facilities, childcare and maternity care, health and fitness education and resources, and sustainable measures for the environment and animals — our grantees make it their call to see the need and meet the need of global communities.

Congratulations to our most recent grantees:

Heather Calcaterra
, Project Personal Pack, Lake Orion, Michigan. Supplies essential personal hygiene supplies to children as they transition into an out of home placement.

Tamar Moss and SungAh Kim, Project Green Bathroom, Bloomington, Indiana. Aims to renovate two bathrooms at Bloomington High School South into eco-friendly facilities.

Maaike Plomp, Enriching the Lives of Rescued Primates, Sarteneja, Belize. Focuses on the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of three endangered species in Belize: West-Indian Manatees, Yucatan Black Howler Monkeys and Geoffroy Spider Monkeys.

Addison Demaree and Tirza Morales, Bri Bri Maternity Clinic In Protected Costa Rican Indigenous Territory, Durupe, Costa Rica. A newly built Maternity Health and Community Multi­-Use Center that will benefit over 400 families by providing child-care and health professionals to support pregnant women.

Ar’Lisa Foster, Healthy Heart, Healthy Habits Awareness and Education Program, Los Angeles, California. Educates and brings awareness to school age children on the various ways lifestyle can impact their health and the environment.

Kelli Brown and Roger Roberts, Student Stewards and Pollination Protectors, Tecumseh, Oklahoma. Gives students the opportunity to build raised butterfly beds and plant nectar producing plants to attract butterflies to school sites.

Wesley Boone, Gear Going Global, Haiti. Collects new and used sports gear and connects it with children in developing countries.

Do you have a project to change the world for the better? We accept grant applications for Pollination Project seed grants, every day of the year. We love learning about new changemakers and all they are doing to spread compassion, peace, environmental sustainability, generosity and justice all over the globe.

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