Parents Say They Fear Identical Twins Only Have Months To Live Because Of Eating Disorder


Identical 16-year-old twins Taylor and Tricia have been best friends since birth. Parents Vicky and Robert say the girls need to be identical in every way, and now, they’ve developed identical eating disorders, losing nearly 50 lbs. apiece, in the last year. According to their dad Robert, the girls – who both admit to regularly bingeing and purging – now weigh less than 80 lbs. each.

“When I hug them, there’s nothing to grab – just skin and bones,” says Robert.

Vicky, the girls’ mom, says Tricia was taken to the hospital in March because she passed out. In June, she says, Taylor’s potassium level was so low, the doctors said her daughter was at risk for cardiac arrest.

“I’ve tried to stop them – I’ve tried tough love,” says Vicky. “I feel like I’m a failure because I can’t fix my beautiful little girls.”

The twins’ parents say they fear if their daughters don’t get help soon, they’ll be dead by the end of the year.

Watch more of their story Wednesday on Dr. Phil. Check here for local listings. 

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